1. How can I submit my research to the Kateb Journal of Economics and Management?
To submit your research, please visit our website and follow the guidelines provided in the "Submission" section. Ensure that your manuscript adheres to our formatting and ethical guidelines.

2. How long does the review process typically take?
The review process duration may vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the research and availability of reviewers. On average, authors can expect the initial review feedback within 3-5 weeks of submission.

3. What is the acceptance rate of the journal?
The acceptance rate varies depending on the quality and relevance of the submissions received. However, we maintain high standards of academic rigor, and all manuscripts undergo a thorough peer review process to ensure publication of impactful and original research.

4. Are there any publication fees or charges?
Currently, the Kateb Journal of Economics and Management does not charge any publication fees or charges for authors. We are committed to providing an open and accessible platform for sharing research.

5. How are conflicts of interest handled in the publication process?
Authors, reviewers, and editors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. If conflicts are identified, appropriate measures, such as assigning alternative reviewers, are taken to ensure impartial evaluation and decision-making.

6. Can I request a retraction or correction for a published article?
Yes, if you identify any significant errors or inaccuracies in a published article, please contact the journal promptly. We will assess the situation and, if necessary, facilitate the publication of a correction or retraction according to established guidelines.

7. Is the Kateb Journal of Economics and Management indexed in major databases?
Yes, we strive to ensure that our journal is indexed in major databases and directories, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of the published research. Please refer to our website for the latest information on indexing and abstracting services.

8. Can I submit my manuscript simultaneously to other journals?
No, we expect authors to submit their work exclusively to the Kateb Journal of Economics and Management. Simultaneous submission to other journals is not permitted as it can lead to ethical concerns and conflicts of interest.