Investigating the Factors Affecting the Export of High Technology Product in emerging countries 2007-2017

Raziye Rezaie , Sediqa Rezaee


The use of new technologies in the production of products by developed countries has reduced the production costs and increased corporate profits. So that in recent decades, the export of high-tech products has been considered as an important factor of economic growth. And it is one of the most important economic goals of developed and emerging countries. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the factors affecting the export of high-tech products in emerging economic countries (Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, South Korea, Turkey and India) during the period of 2007-2017. random effects method for panel data was used for estimation. The results show that during the period under review, the variables of good governance (government effectiveness), degree of economic openness and real effective exchange rate have a positive and significant effect, but the variable of foreign investment has a negative and significant effect on Exports high-tech products. Among the variables under consideration, the variable of information and communication infrastructure (Internet) has no effect on the export of high-tech products. 

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