Investigating the trend of scientific production in the field of entrepreneurial ecosystem: Bibliometric analysis

Hamid Reza Irani , Asf Karimi , Zeynab Molavi , Mohammad Amin Askari


The purpose of this study is bibliometric analysis (bibliometrics) of scientific documents published in Scopus database on the subject of entrepreneurial ecosystem and drawing its scientific map in the period 1994- 2020. Methods and resources used in this descriptive-analytical study, 624 scientific articles as a thematic search in the Scopus database with the subject of entrepreneurial ecosystem were bibliometric analysis. Data analysis was performed by the facilities of this database as well as VOS viewer software which is a social network analysis software. It shows that the subject of the entrepreneurial ecosystem has gone through four distinct stages from the beginning to the present. . In the first period, scientists focused on the business environment and realized that the external environment is also important for business growth. In the second period, they identified the components of the environment and tried to find the factors that affect, In the third period, scientists realized the complexities and various factors and dynamics of the environment and discussed the systemic approach and holism. In the fourth period, due to rapid changes in the environment and information technology in the present century, entrepreneurship as an ecosystem discussion for each region. And focused on digital startups. Entrepreneurship in general is a systemic and process discussion, which is why the ecosystem discussion has been raised.

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